Security Of Tenure

In keeping with our philosophy we endeavour to create a secure homelike environment.  However there may be some circumstances that result in a resident being asked to relocate within or to leave Martyn Claver Aged Care, for example:

1. Where the relocation within the Home is in the interest of resident care.

2. Where there is a continual deficiency in meeting the minimum resident contribution fee.

3. Where the condition of the resident is such that accommodation at the Home may prove injurious to the resident, other residents or to staff.

Note:  Such action will only be taken subsequent to communication with the resident and/or representative, the resident’s health practitioner and other parties involved in determining a satisfactory resolution.

All assistance will be given to find more appropriate accommodation befitting the residents medical needs.  Where possible at least two weeks notice will be given.

This action will not be taken without thorough investigation into the cause and should you feel that you have been unfairly treated, your avenues of appeal are through The Aged Care Complaints Resolution.