Medical Services

Medical Services

Whilst all residents have access to the health practitioner of their choice, please note that only a limited number agree to visit the facility.  When required the health practitioner will be contacted by the Director of Care Services or delegate to attend to the resident.  If it is necessary to consult with a specialist, arrangements for this appointment will be made by the Registered Nurse after consultation with the resident or representative.

As far as possible, Martyn Claver Aged Care will assist with arrangements for the provision of transport for residents travelling to external appointments.  The cost of such transport is incurred by the resident.

Escort Duty

The staff at Martyn Claver Aged Care do not usually provide escort duty.  Families are required to provide escort for residents outings, appointments etc.

Special arrangements can be made for staff escorts with the approval of the DOCS and the cost is incurred by the resident.

We do ask that when visits are made to health practitioners or other paramedical services that the registered nurse be informed so that orders for treatment can be carried out.

The care of each resident is a planned program involving Staff of Martyn Claver Aged Care .  Input by the resident and/or representative in this plan is encouraged.


Residents’ medications are the responsibility of the trained staff of Martyn Claver Aged Care .  The registered nurses will arrange for the ordering, procuring of scripts and review of medications with the health practitioner.  Information or discussion about the medication may take place with nursing staff or the health practitioner.  The trained staff are responsible for the administering and recording of the medication process on the residents’ medical records.  Alternative therapies may be used if approved by the residents’ treating health practitioner.


Medications are supplied by a designated pharmacy, at a cost to the resident.  All incurred costs will be listed on the monthly account.  Please provide Registered Nurse with any medications, scripts from home, and Safety Net number if applicable.

Palliative Care

All residents have the right to access palliative care services.  Assistance will be given to residents and relatives in determining terminal wishes.  Support Groups within the community can be contacted as required and requested by residents/relatives.

Funeral Arrangements

Martyn Claver Aged Care requires that funeral arrangements be recorded, if known, on admission to the facility.

Please advise the Registered Nurse of the preferred funeral director and the preference for burial or cremation.  It is not necessary to pay any money to the funeral director at this time and the choice can be changed at any time.

Recreational Activities

A recreational activities officer arranges various activities for the residents, incorporated in a weekly/monthly program.  Where possible group outings are arranged.

A comprehensive program has been implemented and residents have the opportunity to be involved in a wide range of activities both in groups and on an individual basis.  Participation in various activities and outings is encouraged.

We invite family/friends to join our volunteer group to assist with activities such as bingo, housie, arts & crafts, socials and outings.  Your involvement is greatly appreciated and gives our residents a sense of community spirit.


The physiotherapist attends regularly and an individual program is developed for each resident in consultation with the health practitioner, mobility nurse and Registered Nurse.


A podiatrist visits Martyn Claver Aged Care on a scheduled basis.  Appointments for personal intensive podiatry services may be made through the office at the service.

Residents will be charged for such personal services through the monthly accounts.

Nursing Services

Initial and on-going assessment planning and management of care for residents is provided by registered nursing staff.

Staff follow policies and procedures in performing their duties and adopt a flexible approach to work practices to meet the individual care needs of the residents on any given shift. They are accountable to the RN in charge and management.

Residents/relatives/visitors are not permitted toinstruct any staff in the performance of their duties.