Personal Laundry

Martyn Claver Aged Care provides a laundry service.  The family may do the laundry or make arrangements with an outside contractor if they wish.

Enquiries can be made at the Office of the Director of Care Services.  All clothing is to be clearly marked with the residents’ name at the time of admission. A labelling service is available at a one-off cost of $50.00. Inform staff of your preference and complete your request on your Induction Record

Martyn Claver Aged Care will not be responsible for loss or damage to personal laundry.

All clothing must be machine washable, drip dry and suitable for the residents’ needs.  Any woollen garments will be returned to the relative for laundering.  Dry cleaning costs are the responsibility of the resident

Please provide enough clothing to allow a three (3) to (four) 4 day turn around from the laundry.