Home 1The Management and Staff of Martyn Claver Aged Care, welcome you and your family.   We trust that your association with us is a happy one.

The philosophy of Martyn Claver Aged Care is to provide a happy, caring environment with a high standard of health care.

We invite your family to participate in the activities throughout the year.  The staff encourage and appreciate your help with such projects.

All enquiries relating to the health and well being of the resident should be directed to the registered nurse, the Director of Care Services or Clinical Care Assistant

We recognise that staff, residents and their families are a major source of knowledge and ideas in our pursuit of continuous improvement and better practice.

Martyn Claver Aged Care has a Policy Statement which is visible to all and prominently displayed at all times.

Martyn Claver Aged Care has a Work Health & Safety Policy Statement which is visible to all and prominently displayed at all times.  The statement is reviewed through a structured policy review process.

Martyn Claver Aged Care is covered by 13 Australian Privacy Principles, commonly called the 13 APPs, as set out in the Privacy Act 1988 (amended by the Privacy Amendment (Private Sector) Act 2001, 2014).  The APPs regulate the way Martyn Claver Aged Care is to collect, use, secure and disclose personal or sensitive information.

To comply with our obligations under the APPs, we have a Privacy Statement displayed in the entrance corridor at MartynClaver Aged Care and a Privacy Policy, which sets out how we manage privacy in Martyn Claver Aged Care.  Any relevant person wishing to receive more information  about the operational aspects of this policy may seek this information from the Director of Care Services.

Our residents are at ‘home’ at Martyn Claver Aged Care and have the right to participate in activities which involve a degree of personal risk.  However, Martyn Claver Aged Care is a community and no individual has the right to put other members of the community, including employees, at risk.


Director of Care Services: Alanna Grosfeld

Clinical Care Coordinator: Anita Heslehurst

Administration: Lynda McCure