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The Schedule of rates for the facilities are set by the Australian Government Department of Human Services and are adjusted periodically.

The current rates can be obtained from the Director of Care Services or Administration.

Accounts are mailed on a calendar month basis and payment of ‘fees in advance’ is required.

For security reasons only cheque, money order or direct debit can be used to pay accounts.  Cash cannot be accepted.

Security Of Tenure

In keeping with our philosophy we endeavour to create a secure homelike environment.  However there may be some circumstances that result in a resident being asked to relocate within or to leave Martyn Claver Aged Care, for example:

1. Where the relocation within the Home is in the interest of resident care.

2. Where there is a continual deficiency in meeting the minimum resident contribution fee.

3. Where the condition of the resident is such that accommodation at the Home may prove injurious to the resident, other residents or to staff.

Note:  Such action will only be taken subsequent to communication with the resident and/or representative, the resident’s health practitioner and other parties involved in determining a satisfactory resolution.

All assistance will be given to find more appropriate accommodation befitting the residents medical needs.  Where possible at least two weeks notice will be given.

This action will not be taken without thorough investigation into the cause and should you feel that you have been unfairly treated, your avenues of appeal are through The Aged Care Complaints Resolution.

Visiting Hours

Visitors are welcome to visit at any time however we would like to point out that between 6am and 10am resident care and organisation of the daily activities are at the maximum.  We do ask that at this time you give due consideration to all residents’ rights to privacy, and allow the Nursing Staff to carry out their duties.

Young children are very welcome to visit with the supervision of an adult.

Visitor Identification

Visitors are required to sign in on arrival and sign out on departure.

Martyn Claver Aged Care is secured at specific times over a 24 hour period for the safety of residents & employees.  Visitors will be advised at the service of the security procedure.  Please phone Martyn Claver AgedCareif requiring entry after dusk and before dawn.

Periods of Leave

Residents are encouraged to enjoy activities outside Martyn Claver Aged Care with family or friend participation.

Hospital Leave

Unlimited hospital leave is available to all permanent

Social Leave

The Department of Human Services allows residents to leave the Home for a total period of 52 days of overnight leaveper financial year for Social Leave without the loss of Australian Government Benefits.

Residents’ daily fees apply while on social leave. These 52 days can be taken in long or short periods, and must include an overnight period to be counted as leave.


Residents who are Respite Admissions are not permitted any overnight social leave or overnight hospital leave under the present guidelines of theAustralian Government Department of Human Services.

Medical Services

Whilst all residents have access to the health practitioner of their choice, please note that only a limited number agree to visit the facility.  When required the health practitioner will be contacted by the Director of Care Services or delegate to attend to the resident.  If it is necessary to consult with a specialist, arrangements for this appointment will be made by the Registered Nurse after consultation with the resident or representative.

As far as possible, Martyn Claver Aged Care will assist with arrangements for the provision of transport for residents travelling to external appointments.  The cost of such transport is incurred by the resident.

Escort Duty

The staff at Martyn Claver Aged Care do not usually provide escort duty.  Families are required to provide escort for residents outings, appointments etc.

Special arrangements can be made for staff escorts with the approval of the DOCS and the cost is incurred by the resident.

We do ask that when visits are made to health practitioners or other paramedical services that the registered nurse be informed so that orders for treatment can be carried out.

The care of each resident is a planned program involving Staff of Martyn Claver Aged Care .  Input by the resident and/or representative in this plan is encouraged.


Residents’ medications are the responsibility of the trained staff of Martyn Claver Aged Care .  The registered nurses will arrange for the ordering, procuring of scripts and review of medications with the health practitioner.  Information or discussion about the medication may take place with nursing staff or the health practitioner.  The trained staff are responsible for the administering and recording of the medication process on the residents’ medical records.  Alternative therapies may be used if approved by the residents’ treating health practitioner.


Medications are supplied by a designated pharmacy, at a cost to the resident.  All incurred costs will be listed on the monthly account.  Please provide Registered Nurse with any medications, scripts from home, and Safety Net number if applicable.

Palliative Care

All residents have the right to access palliative care services.  Assistance will be given to residents and relatives in determining terminal wishes.  Support Groups within the community can be contacted as required and requested by residents/relatives.

Funeral Arrangements

Martyn Claver Aged Care requires that funeral arrangements be recorded, if known, on admission to the facility.

Please advise the Registered Nurse of the preferred funeral director and the preference for burial or cremation.  It is not necessary to pay any money to the funeral director at this time and the choice can be changed at any time.

Recreational Activities

A recreational activities officer arranges various activities for the residents, incorporated in a weekly/monthly program.  Where possible group outings are arranged.

A comprehensive program has been implemented and residents have the opportunity to be involved in a wide range of activities both in groups and on an individual basis.  Participation in various activities and outings is encouraged.

We invite family/friends to join our volunteer group to assist with activities such as bingo, housie, arts & crafts, socials and outings.  Your involvement is greatly appreciated and gives our residents a sense of community spirit.


The physiotherapist attends regularly and an individual program is developed for each resident in consultation with the health practitioner, mobility nurse and Registered Nurse.


A podiatrist visits Martyn Claver Aged Care on a scheduled basis.  Appointments for personal intensive podiatry services may be made through the office at the service.

Residents will be charged for such personal services through the monthly accounts.

Nursing Services

Initial and on-going assessment planning and management of care for residents is provided by registered nursing staff.

Staff follow policies and procedures in performing their duties and adopt a flexible approach to work practices to meet the individual care needs of the residents on any given shift. They are accountable to the RN in charge and management.

Residents/relatives/visitors are not permitted toinstruct any staff in the performance of their duties.

Residents from Non-English Backgrounds

Interpreters may be accessed for residents and relatives who require assistance and can link with ethnic community groups if necessary.  Some of our staff are multi-lingual and are available to assist when required.

Spiritual Needs & Cultural Customs

Martyn Claver Aged Care will endeavour to make provision for all religious beliefs of residents in our care.  Church services are held for most denominations on a regular basis; families are invited to join the services.

Special requests for a minister of choice to visit may be arranged by Care or Therapy staff.

Residents/Relative Meetings

The residents’ meetings are convened on a regular basis at Martyn Claver Aged Care.  Residents and their relatives are encouraged to participate in the discussions regarding activities, social outings and policy making.

New residents and their families are invited to attend these meetings.  A timetable is provided by the Activity staff and residents/relatives are notified in advance of each meeting date.


Families and carers can help a resident settle in by providing personal items (clearly labelled) such as cushions, quilts, knee rugs and pictures or photographs for the wall. The amount of personal pictures and framed photos will be at the discretion of management

Martyn Claver Aged Care has a policy regarding personal furnishings of residents in adhering to occupational health and safety of residents and staff.  Management will advise the resident on admission, of the acceptable practice.

Safety and Valuables

The Facility DOES NOT ACCEPT RESPONSIBILITY IN ANY WAY for money and valuables, including jewellery, left in the residents’ possession, hearing aids, dentures and other.  All items of value including radio and television equipment owned by the residents should not be removed unless the Office is notified.

Residents are discouraged from keeping money in their lockers.  Provision of funds for residents’ comforts can be organised on application to the DOCS.  A record of these expenses will be itemised on the monthly accounts.

Electrical Equipment

All electrical equipment owned by the resident must be tagged as “safe for use” by a qualified electrician before it can be used in the Facility. Such personal appliances must be checked at a cost to the resident.

A minimum of personal furniture items may be accepted on admission.  Such will be at the discretion and decision of management with an emphasis on Work Health & Safety at all times.

Dentures, glasses, hearing aids and other personal aids should be clearly marked prior to admission.

Personal Laundry

Martyn Claver Aged Care provides a laundry service.  The family may do the laundry or make arrangements with an outside contractor if they wish.

Enquiries can be made at the Office of the Director of Care Services.  All clothing is to be clearly marked with the residents’ name at the time of admission. A labelling service is available at a one-off cost of $50.00. Inform staff of your preference and complete your request on your Induction Record

Martyn Claver Aged Care will not be responsible for loss or damage to personal laundry.

All clothing must be machine washable, drip dry and suitable for the residents’ needs.  Any woollen garments will be returned to the relative for laundering.  Dry cleaning costs are the responsibility of the resident

Please provide enough clothing to allow a three (3) to (four) 4 day turn around from the laundry.

Personal Comforts

Visitors must label and date special treats (i.e. perishable food or drink items) supplied to the resident.

Please notify staff in order to arrange appropriate storage.


Smoking, when permitted, must only occur in designated areas.  In the interest of safety and the rights of others, smoking is not permitted inside Martyn Claver Aged Care .  For safety purposes cigarettes are secured by the Nursing Staff or designated staff of Martyn Claver Aged Care for distribution to the resident as required.  Because of the risk of fire, residents are to be supervised at all times when smoking and it is very important that matches or lighters are not left with the resident.  We insist that residents, visitors and staff follow the smoking guidelines.  Smoking is a health hazard for that is not encouraged by Martyn Claver Aged Care.


Due to the fire risk, smoking is only permitted in designated areas of Martyn Claver Aged Care .

Fire lectures and drills are carried out by the NSW Fire Brigades or an accredited Fire Training Officer, on an annual basis for all staff members.

Fire evacuation plans are publicly displayed within the Home.

Martyn Claver Aged Care has a Sprinkler System installed throughout the facility.


Unless Doctors’ orders state otherwise, residents may have alcohol if they wish.  It is very important however, that it be dispensed only by designated staff and be taken in moderation.  Relatives are requested not to leave alcohol with residents.  Alcohol must be kept in a locked area of the home.

Telephone Access

A telephone (the pay phone service) is available for the use of residents and visitors.  Coins are required to use this phone for outgoing calls.

Alternatively the resident may choose to install a private phone in his/her room.  The cost of installation, maintenance, rental and service fees are incurred by the resident.

Mobile phones are permitted, however no responsibility will be taken for loss or damage.


A Hairdresser is available at Facility at designated times during the week.  Arrangements for bookings can be made with the staff.  The cost is incurred by the resident.


Basic toiletries are provided by Martyn Claver Aged Care , however should you wish to purchase your own special brands etc. the cost will be incurred by the resident.  Do not supply talcum powder or soapas it may cause a slippery surface creating a falls risk.  We request that all items be clearly labelled with the resident’s name.

Toilet bags, manicure sets and electric razors  (for male residents) should be bought in at the time of admission

Television/Radio and Newspapers

Delivery of newspapers can be organised through the activities officer.  Televisions and DVD’s are provided for residents in the communal areas.  Radios and Individual flat screen television sets, 34cm maximum size may be kept in bedrooms (but TV’s must be mounted on the wall) and be fitted with headphones.


Rooms are furnished by Martyn Claver Aged Care .  Large personal furniture items are not permitted in residents rooms.  Small items must be risk assessed and may be required to be fitted with wheels or castors.

W H & S (Work Health & Safety)

Martyn Claver Aged Care requests that all visitors abide by the W H & S policies and procedures and follow advice and instruction while on the premises.

Martyn Claver Aged Care advises that as a visitor you may refer matters of concern to the Quality Committee.

Residents Checklist

On admission:

  1. Clothing
  2. Medicines (if you have current medication)
  3. Safety Net
  4. Radio/television with headphones (safety tags)
  5. Favourite photos or pictures
  6. Pension card
  7. Medicare card
  8. One month fees in advance

Things to leave at home:

  1. Valuables and jewellery
  2. Extra money
  3. Large bags or suitcases
  4. Furniture

Complaints Mechanisms

There are two systems available to people wanting to lodge a complaint or comment about the facility:

  1. Internal
  2. External (through The Aged Care Complaints Investigation Scheme)

Internal Complaints Mechanism

  1. Registered Nurse in Charge or member of staff
  2. Director of Care Services
  3. Residents Committee

All efforts will be made to resolve the problem

without causing any undue stress to the resident

You can raise a concern through writing, by telephone, by email, or personally with a staff member or management.

External Complaints

Australian Government Department of Human Services

Department of Health Complaints

Investigation Unit (Free-call 1800 550 552)

Health Care Commission


Department of Human Services

Complaints Investigation Scheme

GPO Box 9848

SYDNEY   NSW   2001

Tel:      (02) 9263 3707   / (02) 9263 3708 / (02) 9263 3709

Fax:     (02) 9263 3693

NSW Toll Free:1800 550 552


Health Care Complaints Commission

28-36 Foveaux Street


Tel:  9219 7444


The Aged-Care Rights Service

Suite 5, 5th Floor, 64 Kippax Street


Tel:(02) 9281 3600

Fax:(02) 9281 3672

Toll Free: 1800 424 079



Office of the Public Guardian

Level 15, Piccadilly Tower, 133 Castlereagh Street


Tel: (02) 9265 3184

Fax: (02) 9283 2645

Toll-free: 1800 451 510


Guardianship Board

2a Rowntree Street, BALMAIN  NSW  2041

Ph: (02) 9555 8500

Fax: (02) 9555 9049

Toll-free: 1800 463 928


Office of the Protective Commissioner

Level 12-16 Piccadilly Tower, 133 Castlereagh Street


Tel: (02) 9265 3131

Fax: (02) 9261 4305