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Information about fees and charges

At Martyn Claver Aged Care we understand that moving into residential care can be very overwhelming and getting to know how all the fees and charges work can be very confusing.

That’s why we have developed this information sheet to provide you with some of the basic things you need to know and we are happy to take extra time to ensure the application process and your admission is as seamless and simple as possible.

What does it cost?

Within all Aged Care facilities in Australia, there are a few different fees you may be required to pay:

  • A Refundable Accommodation Deposit (RAD) which is set by the facility or aged care provider
  • Basic Daily Care Fee which is set by the Australian Government
  • Means Tested Care Fee which is set by the Australian Government
  • Other fees which may be set by the facility or aged care provider

Not all fees necessarily apply to everyone, and while we can provide an outline to the different fees, we recommend you seek independent financial advice.

The upfront entry cost will depend principally on two things:

  • The type of care you are looking for; either permanent or respite care
  • How much you (or your family member going into aged care) have in assessable assets


Accommodation charges are for your residency in the home. Some people will have their accommodation costs met in full or in part by the government, this is often known as being ‘supported’. Others will need to pay the accommodation deposit agreed with Martyn Claver Aged Care.

The Department of Human Services will advise which applies to you based on an assessment of your income and assets. If you are one of a couple, your assessment will be based on half of your combined assets and income.

RADS and DAPS!! 

With this in mind there are three payment options to consider when entering Martyn Claver Aged Care:

  1. Refundable Accommodation Deposit (RAD)

The RAD is paid up front, guaranteed by the Government and is completely refundable on departure. So if you leave Marytn Claver Aged Care, the RAD will be refunded to you or paid to your estate.

The maximum Refundable Accommodation Deposit at Martyn Claver Aged Care is $350,000.00.

  1. Daily Accommodation Payment (DAP)

You may choose to pay a DAP, which is a daily amount calculated using the governments maximum permissible interest rate (MPIR). For example: RAD x MPIR/365 = DAP. This payment is not refundable.

  1. A combination of both the RAD and the DAP

A combination payment includes both a partial lump sum and a daily payment/s.

Daily Care Fee

The basic daily care fee is set by the government and funds the cost of services provided by the facility, such as meals and drinks, personal care needs, recreational activities, laundry, physiotherapy and other included therapies, cleaning and nursing care.

The daily care fee is approximately 85% of the single basic Aged Pension which is reviewed twice a year in March and September by the government.

Means Tested Fee

Some people may be required to pay an additional contribution towards their cost of care. The Department of Human Services (Centrelink) will work out if you are required to pay this fee based on the assessment of your income and assets. They will then advise you and us of the amount.


Frequently asked questions!

How is my income assessed?

As you are about to move into aged care, Centrelink will assess your income including that of your spouse or partner so that the Department of Social Services can work out the amount of means tested care fee you could be asked to pay. It’s a rather large form to fill out so take your time and seek assistance if you need it.  Once you have been assessed you will pay the fee from your date of entry into Martyn Claver Aged Care.

What about assets I have with my spouse?

Centrelink considers that you own half your assets with your spouse or partner regardless of who holds the title to the assets.

As part of your asset assessment you will be asked to provide details of all assets owned by both of you.

The family home, however is excluded from the assets assessment if:

  • You have a spouse, partner of dependent child still living in the family home at the time of the assessment or at the time you come to live at Martyn Claver Aged Care
  • A close family member has lived in the home for at least five years and is eligible for an income support payment
  • A carer has lived in the home for at least two years and is eligible for an income support payment.

Will my pension be affected?

Your pension will not be affected when you enter Martyn Claver Aged Care. If you are part of a couple receiving a pension you may be entitled to a higher rate of pension if you have been separated for care reasons.

For more information on your pension and aged care contact Centrelink or the Department of Social Services.

What happens to the RAD when or if I leave Martyn Claver Aged Care?

Your RAD will be refundable to you when you leave Martyn Claver Aged Care within the following time frames:

  • If you give 14 days notice of leaving the facility your RAD should be refunded within that period.
  • If you notify us more than 14 days before you leave it should be refunded on the day you leave
  • If you give no notice of your departure your RAD must be paid within 14 days after your leaving date.
  • In the case of death the RAD must be refunded 14 days after we have been notified of probate or letters of administration of the estate.

What happens to my RAD if my care needs change?

If your care needs change within the same home your RAD arrangements simply continue. If you move to a new home your RAD will be refunded to you and you will enter into a new agreement with the new home.

What if I can’t afford to pay my fees and charges?

The Australian Government has made arrangements to help residents of aged care facilities who may experience financial difficulty in paying for their care.

You may contact the Aged Care Information Line on 1800 500 853 for more information.

Other sources of information

Log on to the My Aged Care Web site www.myagedcare.com.au